Ms Jamie and Dr KempfThe people whose relationships and influences shape the lives of your children are critically important. Dr. and Mrs. Kempf have been involved in this important ministry of education since 1971. Their experience includes classroom teaching, school administration and successfully parenting five children. They understand the serious responsibility and the sacred trust that is given to the people who will provide daily input into the hearts and minds of a group of children. They will place only experienced, qualified American teachers who love children into the TLC family of consultants. Let us help you plant the seeds of success that will give your child the academic, social and spiritual advantage.

Educational Experience

Dr. Craig Kempf has advanced professional certification in education and has administered schools in the USA, which were recognized for special achievement for over 22 years. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Piedmont College in North Carolina, USA in 1975, his Master’s degree from Patriot University in Colorado, USA in 1993, and his Doctorate in Educational Administration from Patriot in 1999. He is certified as an Advanced Professional School Administrator by GACS and GAPSAC in the state of Georgia, USA. He served as a school administrator in the USA for twenty-two years. He has extensive teaching experience, and teacher training experience, having trained teachers for the Shirjie Education Department, and American teachers that have been employed by AE at schools in China. He also has experience as president of WGTF radio station, founder and director of American Eagle Education Services and Training Center, Director of International Resource Center and Co-Director of Excellang English Training Center.