An Overview

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TLC International School uses a standard-based curriculum, American Education Reaches Out (AERO). The AERO standards, while based on U.S. standards have been modified for the international school environment. To read more about AERO, please go to the following link:

Subjects taught include the Reading, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Mandarin. High School students are offered are a variety of electives that have included art, public speaking, horticulture, Advanced Chinese language study, Journalism, and Shakespearean dramas.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

A full “English as Foreign Language” program is offered in the primary grades.  Enrollment in EFL is limited in the secondary school. TLC International School’s EFL program is especially designed for the students whose native or primary language is not English, and who have not been functioning previously in an international school environment. EFL focuses on phonics and vocabulary, with a heavy concentration of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities that enable the student to gain the language skills needed to function in an all English environment as quickly as possible. Confidence-building is an essential part of the ESL program that helps encourage students to speak and communicate without fear of failure.

Learning Services

TLC International School recognizes that students have very diverse abilities. The Learning Services Program is for students who have demonstrated a need for special services or who enroll with a completed psychological testing that have diagnosed learning needs. Based on needs and diagnosis, student receive an Individualized Learning Plan. Students continue to work in the regular classroom using AERO standards, but they will receive support from the learning services program to help close any learning or skill gaps. Enrollment is capped in this program to best serve students.

MAP Testing / Student Progress

The Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment is used to assess the progress of students. TLC International School conducts testing of its students three times per year. MAP provides comparison of our students’ progress to all students who participate in MAP testing. Testing results are used to assess student and program needs and strengths.