Secondary School

Academic Life

TLC International School uses a standard-based curriculum, American Education Reaches Out (AERO). The AERO standards, while based on U.S. standards have been modified for the international school environment. These standards are widely used in international schools that want to prepare their students for entrance into the American university system. To read more about AERO, please go to the following link:

Subjects taught include the Reading, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Mandarin. High School students are offered are a variety of electives that have included art, public speaking, horticulture, Advanced Chinese language study, Journalism, and Shakespearean dramas.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Organizations

TLC desires to create an institution that meets the needs of students holistically. In addition to academics, we try to fulfill this goal by creating opportunities for students to develop skills outside the normal classroom through extra-curricular activities. The main extra-curricular activities provided at TLC are fine arts and athletics. TLC provides opportunities for students to take music lessons on campus during their school day. Drama and music classes are available based on student interest level and faculty availability. In secondary school, interscholastic athletics are available for male and female students from 6th-12th grade in sports including Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country and Badminton.

Student organizations such as TLC Ambassadors and Student Government (Secondary School) are used to train students in leadership and social skills. These organizations are supervised by TLC faculty to allow additional opportunities for mentoring and training in a more individualized way.

You may download the Curriculum Handbook for each Secondary grade below:

Secondary Students