Elementary School

Kindergarten Curriculum

Language, mathematics, reading, science, and social studies are learned through teacher directed, student interactive activities, projects and experiences. Children not only learn through these activities, but also develop a love for learning that will be beneficial to them throughout their lives. An emphasis on reading, phonics and language skills enable our students to begin sounding out words and reading in K4 and K5.

Elementary Curriculum

Core subjects are experienced through standard-based unit plans and delivered using The Gradual Release of Responsibility model. This model is a broadly recognized approach for moving classroom instruction from teacher-centered to student-centered. Through engaging, hands-on activities, students master concepts that are critical for current and future success inside and outside of the classroom. Students also acquire skills by collaborating with their peers and participating in authentic, real-life tasks. Aside from the core curriculum, elementary students also participate in a variety of elective classes including PE, Music, Art, Computer, Library, and Character Education.

EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

A full “English as Foreign Language” program is offered in the primary grades. TLC International School’s EFL program is specially designed for the students whose native or primary language is not English, and who have not been functioning previously in an international school environment. EFL focuses on phonics and vocabulary, with a heavy concentration of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities that enable the student to gain the language skills needed to function in an all English environment as quickly as possible. Confidence-building is an essential part of the ESL program that helps encourage students to speak and communicate without fear of failure.

You may download the Curriculum Handbook for each Elementary grade below:

Elementary Student