Secondary Opportunities

Secondary students have many opportunities to participate in the life of TLC International School and its broader community. Both Middle School and High School students can participate in competitive sports including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The school fields both young men and young women’s teams. Additionally, there occasional athletic opportunities (dependent on student interest) include track, badminton, and swimming.

TLC requires students to give back to the Dongguan community through service hours. Students have volunteered at Bring Me Hope Camps, Angel Tree (at Christmas), working in at a local orphanage, and work at a nearby leper colony.

High School have varied opportunities for elective course work. Fall Semester 2018 elective classes included Mock Trial, Chinese culinary class, fashion design and marketing, and newspaper journalism.

Both middle school and high students enjoy recess times that allow for pick-up basketball, volleyball, and soccer games. These times allow students to interact with one another outside of the classroom and foster or deepen friendships forged in the classroom.

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