Student Life

student life

Our mission at TLC is to educate students holistically. It is important for students to have the opportunities to develop socially, athletically, and spiritually in addition to academically. Opportunities are available to enhance the school experience through field trips, athletics and extra-curricular activities. This offers a great venue to meet friends in a setting other than the classroom setting.

Many events throughout the year bring our school family together in an exciting way.  In the fall, our students enjoys the October Festival which allows each class to create a game for all the students. In the winter, the entire school is involved in “The Christmas Experience” which allows visitors to walk through a journey on the history of Christmas. This event began in 2016 and will be a new TLC tradition! In the spring, one of the highlights of the year is Spirit Week and Wet Day. Wet Day includes water games and slides and additional activities for all of our students to enjoy.