Online Learning Update, February 10

Dear Parents and Guardians of TLC International School,

亲爱的TLC 家长/监护人:

I have received a few emails from some parents regarding online learning and TLC’s plans for the future studies of your children. I would like to address some of your concerns and questions.


Currently, we are not planning to cancel online learning or use summer vacation to make up for the missed days. It is essential that we all understand the bigger picture and different aspects that are involved in making this decision:


  1. During this time, our teachers are continuing to work. They have set hours dedicated specifically to guide students and answer their questions online. Teachers are required to lesson plan, prepare materials, record videos, grade papers, and communicate with the parents and students.

在此期间,我们的老师在继续地工作。老师为指导学生并在线回答他们的问题安排了专门的时间。TLC 要求老师备课、录像、批改作业并与家长、学生沟通等。

  1. The school delay is a government mandate; it is not TLC’s decision. All schools have been asked to use an online platform to deliver classroom instructions and lessons during the quarantine period.


  1. We do not follow the same academic calendar as Chinese schools. Our holidays are different; the length of school days is different; our testing methods and dates are different, and our quarter starting and ending dates are different as well.


  1. We follow an American curriculum with standards adapted for international schools.


  1. Many of our teachers are outside of the country and are not able to fly in because of the international restrictions and airlines not flying into China. Therefore, it will be impossible to have real-time classes.


  1. We do not charge anything extra for the online classes. All platforms and accounts are free of charge as well. To accommodate our parents, we will provide a refund for lunch and bus fees. All the details will be worked out after school resumes.


  1. Every grade and subject has a standard-based course of learning. It is essential that by the end of the academic year, we cover the essential content. After we return to school, TLC Administration will conduct a thorough assessment of the content that remains to be taught and the days left. If we believe that it is necessary to extend the time to cover the study plan, then we will look into other options.


We encourage you to contact our teachers with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have to make the online learning easier for your children. We are open to feedback and would like to help in any way possible. We have also assigned technical support personnel in English and Chinese that you may contact anytime. We will also be sending out a parent survey to get more of your feedback on how we could improve.


If you have any more questions or suggestions, please contact me at  .


Ana Patenaude

Head of TLC International School
TLC 学校负责人