Admission Steps

  1. Schedule a student assessment and parent interview with the Principal by contacting Ms. Susan or Ms. Flora via e-mail or by calling 152-2031-7733.
  2. Fill out and submit a completed registration form
  3. Submit report cards or transcripts from previous school(s)
  4. Submit the following documents:
  • Picture of the student
  • Copy of the student’s passport, identification card or birth certificate
  • Copy of the father’s passport or identification card
  • Copy of the mother’s passport of identification card
  • Copy of the student’s immunization records

5.  Upon acceptance, pay tuition and fees in the accounting office.

Your child will be able to being school on the approved start date given to you by the Principal which is typically 24 hours after all of the above steps are complete and all documentation has been received.


Ms. Susan and Ms. Flora are very happy to answer any questions that you may have about the admissions process at TLC.

SusanMs. Susan is responsible for Elementary admissions and her e-mail address is:
Ms. Flora is responsible for Secondary admissions and her e-mail address is: