Staff Guidelines Before School Resumes

Dear colleagues,

It is essential that all of us follow the appropriate prevention and control guidelines before we start school. Please refer to the instructions below.

  • Please do not post any information regarding the virus on your WeChat or other social media unless it is coming from accounts that are run by an Official Chinese Health Bureau and Center for Disease Prevention. If you are not sure the information comes from an official source, then do not post it because you will be punished by the authorities.
  • If you have been to Hubei or have been in contact with people from Hubei, you must notify the school.
  • Within the 14 days of returning from those affected areas, you should measure your body temperature every day before going to school. If feeling unwell, you should seek medical consultation promptly and should not go to school.
  • Please avoid any crowded places. Please do not leave your house unless it is necessary.
  • If you must leave your house, please make sure to wear a mask correctly. You may not leave your home without wearing a mask. Please change your mask whenever it gets too moist or every 4 hours. Make sure you dispose of the used mask properly: pour hot water over it, cut it, and then trash it. Wash your hands properly afterward.
  • It is recommended to wear a surgical mask. N95 respirators are generally not recommended for use by the general public in community settings because special training is required for proper wearing and removal of the mask. Otherwise, the infective risk due to inadequate protection and contamination may be ironically increased.
  • Cover nose and mouth with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing. Dispose of soiled tissue paper properly into a lidded rubbish bin and wash hands with liquid soap and water afterward.
  • Perform hand hygiene properly before touching your eyes, nose, or mouth; before eating; after using the toilet; and touching public installations or equipment such as handrails, elevator control panels, or doorknobs.
  • If you are not able to wash your hands for some reason, clean them by rubbing them with 70-80% alcohol-based sanitizer as an alternative.
  • Do not share personal items, such as eating utensils and towels.
  • When interacting with other people, keep your distance of at least two meters away.
  • Avoid close contact with wild animals.
  • Cook meat and eggs thoroughly before consumption.
  • Maintain proper ventilation in your apartment or house.
  • If you need to go on campus, please contact Ana or Nathan. We are not allowed to be on campus unless it is absolutely necessary. If you need to pick up some materials from school, make sure to follow all the prevention measures listed above.
  • If you experience any cold-like or respiratory symptoms, please inform Allison right away.
  • Violating the provisions of the Law on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases of the People’s Republic of China is a civil and a criminal offense.

Stay safe and well-informed.

Best regards,

Ana Patenaude

Head of School