Terms 条款

Referral Discount is designed to recognize the value and role our families have in the “word of mouth” kinds of representation of the school. This program recognizes through discount both the referring family and the new family referred to enroll at OX TLC.


Family Discount is designed to recognize the financial strain on a family to enroll more than one child into school. This program gives discount to any family that has more than one child enrolled at OX TLC. This program does not apply to families of those employed at OX TLC.
家庭折扣是用于减轻同一家庭多个孩子入学带来的经济压力的优惠政策。此折扣适用于在OX TLC有两个以上孩子就读的家庭,不适用于OX TLC员工的孩子。


Early Bird Discount is designed to be an incentive program for OX TLC to recognize the loyalty our families have shown over the years that has helped us develop this school into the family-oriented environment we all know and love. It is also a way to encourage those families who do not require monthly payments or who can arrange full semester payment before June 1st for the fall semester, and before January 1st for the spring semester. In years past, the school had a similar rate freeze program that became too expensive and complicated for our school to continue to be competitive in the industry. This Early Bird Discount still carries the same spirit and intention of the original and was presented and accepted by parents in December 2020 and adopted by the school board as the established policy. This program does not apply to families of those who are employed at OX TLC.
早鸟价折扣是一项激励计划,是对有孩子多年在OX TLC就读的家庭表达认可,这些家庭成就了我校现在以家庭为导向的教学环境,被大家熟知并喜爱。这也是对在6月1日和1月1日前全款支付学杂费的家庭的鼓励。在过去的数年里,我校曾有费率冻结计划,此计划因成本过高和复杂,已无法使我校在行业里持有竞争力。早鸟价计划秉持同样的精神与初衷,于2020年12月由家长提出并接受,继而被学校董事会采纳并制定为学校政策。此折扣不适用于OX TLC员工的孩子。